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Payroll Services

If there's one area in business that can get messy fast, it's payroll.

Considered to be one of the most demanding aspects of managing a business, a well functioning payroll calls for more than just accuracy, data documentation,

and meeting scheduled deadlines. So how best to maintain paying employees

with minimal mistakes? Organization and overview. And that's where we come in.

Whether you're starting a new business or need a payroll solution for your current workplace, Accounting Alternatives can help. Managing payroll is unique to each business type and location, and we're experienced in handling every combination. Our staff can design a payroll plan specifically tailored to your business needs or aid you in improving your current system.
Our payroll services include:

  • Payroll processing weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly

  • Payroll processing by you or by us.

  • Making sure all payroll reports are filed on time.
    Quarterly & Monthly Reports

  • Michigan SUW coupons, with or without sales tax

  • Michigan UIA Electronic filing (Unemployment)

  • EFTPS Deposits for 940s & 941s

  • 941 Reports

  • Year-End Reports

  • W-2s & W-3

  • 1099s & 1096

  • 940 Report

  • Michigan Annual, with or without sales tax

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